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Real testimonials, from real families!

“My daughter had been attending another preschool when we moved into the Marysville area and I can honestly say this is by far ONE OF THE MOST WONDERFUL preschools in the area hands down! I am constantly amazed how much attention they pay to details and teaching all the kids. All the teachers and staff there are amazing! I only wish my son had gone there as well. I have no doubt my daughter will be going into kindergarten fully prepared. I’ve even got to witness how they deal with some children that may be considered by other schools to be difficult, and they pass with flying colors. These ladies have an abundance of patience. As we all know even the sweetest of kids can give a little lip now and then, but as one teacher pointed out “We break the attitude, not the spirit”. I LOVE THIS PRESCHOOL!”
- C.G. (Preschool Parent)

“This school is wonderful! They pay attention to all the students. My son enjoys going to school every day, and he gets sad when it is time to leave. I was afraid that my son would be a problem because of his hyperactivity, but because the teachers are so great, they are able to keep his attention. My son is so excited to learn new things every day and so much in one week, that would take me a month to teach him. My son also learned new manners and great social skills that he made so many new friends. They involved parents on activities they do at school, and invite us on field trips. The teachers really show that they love their job and the children as well. Teachers are easy to talk to for any questions about your child’s development. I know that my son will be more than prepared when he starts kindergarten. I highly recommended this preschool to parents that want to give their child the best.”

- C. (Pre-K Parent)

“I have seen so much growth in my son’s social skills. He has come out of his shell, and he enjoys participating and doing activities. He talks openly about school and shares with us daily what he does. He loves to go and cries when he has to miss. He has made tremendous progress– writing his name, recognizing numbers and shapes, new songs, etc. I am very pleased, and I know it’s due to the efforts of the staff.”
- J.L. (Preschool Parent)

"My son loves school! He has become a very people-oriented kid. He meets people now without being shy. He has learned good social skills. He follows directions and stands on his own two feet now, not clinging to Mommy as he used to. He loves to sing and will do it now in front of people. What can I say but-I love this place!”

-K.G. (Preschool Parent)

“I spent some time looking at schools before I found NWCS. When we came in for a tour, I knew this was the perfect place for my son! There was such a warm feeling, and I knew he would have a very good experience here. The creative projects are ALL keepers, and he learned so much from being here! He went from being very shy and not wanting to leave mom at all, to a child who excitedly enters the classroom each day to see what new adventures await. I think his favorite adventure has been learning all about space. He even got to be an astronaut in class! He has made some very good friends here, and I have too!”
- J.B. (Pre-K Parent)

“My grandson has had the MOST WONDERFUL experience for the last two years at Northwest Children’s School. The compassionate teaching staff have made my grandson’s preschool experience such fun. He was extremely shy when he started preschool. We have seen such a change as he is now outgoing and self-confident. Parent/Teacher communication is incredible. Being his gramma, the staff is always informative when I have questions and contacts me quickly each time. The school is ALWAYS open to comments and suggestions. It is truly the BEST preschool in Washington, as my husband and I agree. Education is very important to us. The positive experience at Northwest Children’s School and terrific memories for my grandson will have a huge impact when he begins kindergarten…The kids enjoy lots of fun field trips throughout the year. I would HIGHLY recommend parents with children of preschool age to read the reviews and stop by to visit Northwest Children’s School. You will be amazed, I am sure! I give NW Children’s Preschool a FIVE STAR RATING”
- J.B. (Pre-K Grandparent)

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