Our goal is to make learning fun for your son or daughter. Each of our classes is geared towards helping them learn the skills they need to succeed.

Teddy Bear Day

Our preschool class enjoys their Teddy Bear day. In the winter we have a field trip to the post office, a hot chocolate day, a field trip to the dentist, and a day about each child’s favorite foods!

Learn with Fun

In the spring time, our preschoolers will have a special day where we learn about dinosaurs and space as well as attend a live play in Everett. It is always fun for us to watch your children grow and develop throughout the year.


Preschool Schedule

Thursday – Friday

9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Thursday – Friday

9:15 am -12:15 pm

Helping Children Develop

Circle Time 

During circle time children will spend time learning music, letters, counting, playing group games, Pledge of Allegiance, days of the week, weather and more.


Theme Time

 Theme time is exciting for kids and is geared toward the time of year. A few of our favorites are our Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Program, Valentines Day.


Learning Center

During learning center time, children will engage in projects that will enhance their fine motor skills and social skills, having fun with coloring, painting, and working with their friends. 


Snack Time

Each child will have a special helper day where he or she will provide a healthy snack for their class mates as well as be line leader and bringing a special treasure for show and tell. This teaches the children how to talk in front of a group.